2013 Featured Tours

2013 Fire-Dragon Dance

This trip takes you to Guizhou
province to visit the
different sub-tribes of the Miao
and their festivals including
Tiaohuacha Festival of Long-horn Miao,
Fire-Dragon Dance Festival and
Lusheng Festival.More tour info

Meili – Kawa Karpo Kora
This tour will follow the old
pilgrim path around the mountain
for the 12 day Kora, absolute
non-touristic area, crossing several
passes over 4000 meater, from Mekong
to Salween and back to Mekong around
the massive of Meili Snow Mountain ranges.
More tour info

Eastern Tibet Adventures
This tour takes you to see of the most
beautiful mountains in China, like Three
Holy Mountain in Yading and the highest
mountain in eastern Tibet, Minya Konka.
Visit some remote Tibetan villages and
communities, visit the nomads on grassland.
More tour info

Tiger Leaping Gorge & Haba Mountain
This tour will take you to visit the ethnic
groups of Naxi, Yi and Tibetan.Visit the
old town of Lijiang built by Naxi people
and Shangri-La. Trekking through the
famous Tiger Leaping Gorge with the
drop of 3900m and Climbing up to Mt.
Haba at 5396m.More tour info

Flowers of the Northwest Yunnan
Yunnan is the Kingdom of plants and
flowers, everywhere you go you will
see different plants and flowers, for
a couple of hundreds years, flowers
hunters from western countries
come here over and over again
just want to see the new plants.
If you have the interests in flowers,
these are the right places for you.
More tour info

Mekong and Upper Yangtze
During this tour, you will see two big
rivers, Yangtze and Mekong; Unique
landscape such as Stone Forest
and Tiger Leaping Gorge; Highest
mountain in Yunan Meili Snow
Mountain. Meet up with ethnic people
like Bai, Yi, Naxi, Tibetan and Lisu.
More tour info

Travel & Tour Service

Culture and Scenery Tours

Mekong and Upper Yangtze
Three River Adventures
Beyond the Clouds
Colours of Yuangyang Terraces
Mountains and People
Lijiang and Shangri-La
Along Burmese Border
Colours of Yunnan&Guizhou

Festival Tours

Festivals at Chinese New Year
Raosanlin & Tibetan Horse Festival
New Year Festival of the Miao
Litang Horse Festival
Colourful Festivals Guizhou
Fire-Dragon Dance Festival
Festivals in Spring
Water-splashing Festival
Sister's Rice Festival
Sanyuesan Festival of Dong
普通文章 Water-splashing Festival & Yi Costume Festival

Tibet Tours

Travel on the Roof of the World
 Amdo & Kham Adventure
Northwest Yunnan & Kham
普通文章 Eastern Tibet Adventures

Adventurous Tours

Along the Yangtze
Tiger Leaping Gorge & Haba
Pilgrim Path of Kawa Karpo
普通文章 Meili – Kawa Karpo Kora

Special Tours

Paradise for P. B.U.
Birds watching in Yunnan
Flowers of the Northwest Yunnan
Yunnan minority people photo

Minority people in Yunnan

Bai , Dai , Miao , Naxi , Yi , Tibetan ,
Achang , Nu , Lisu , Jingpo , Va ,
Yunnan tour highlights
adventure tour highlights
Yangtze River , Mekong River
Tiger Leaping Gorge , Haba Mt.
Dali Weather Forecast
tibeten people photo
公 司 简 介

Off the Beaten Track

Yunnan, Sichuan and Tibet are very special places in China for scenery and for culture. We understand that many people visiting this region are looking for something different and we are very proud to provide an extraordinary experience in a truly unique and spectacular landscape. We like to show visitors a very personal view of the people and geography. Please feel free to tell us your ideas and preferences for what you would like to do. We can hike amazing mountains and gorges, visit with monks at their monasteries, spend time with local villagers, explore unique markets and crafts, and the varied cuisine of the region is a wonderful adventure too. We are committed to taking you where you want to go, and doing what you want to do, with our expertise and wisdom to make your travel experience the very best.

Our Mission

We aim to provide our clients with exceptional travel experiences that meet their interests and budget. Our guides and itineraries offer tremendous flexibility that emphasizes the specialized needs and desires of the traveller. By consistently focusing on the client, we strive to maintain an extremely high quality of service with a very personal approach that shows we care a great deal about your comfort, security, and enjoyment. In this way, we promise an extraordinary journey in a spectacular and unique region of China, while providing the very best value for your time and expense. Thus, many of our clients, including tour companies and individuals, have returned again and again to explore this amazing part of the world. Hopefully, you will do the same, for that is the measure by which we judge our success!

Recommended tours

Some tours are more enjoyable at a certain time of the year as they take full advantage of cultural and seasonal highlights. From our years of experience, we selected some highly reccommended adventurous itineraries and festival tours that will provide an exciting and memorable journey to this extraordinay region.

Custom / Tailor-made Tours

Based on our many years of experience, the itineraries that we provide are some of our best ideas of where to go and what to do, but you may have preferences that we are very willing to accommodate. If you come on your own, with family or friends, and want a very personal tour that is different from our suggestions, please let us know! We specialize in customizing our tours to the special interests of the traveler. Let us know what your interests are, and we can adjust your tour accordingly. We are especially good at trekking and adventures off the beaten track!
tibet travel info

Tibet Travel

Tibet is a land where the sky, the mountains and the rivers, possess awe-inspiring power.
yunnan province

Yunnan Province

Yunnan is a border province in Southwest China with many ethnic groups. Of the 56 ethnic groups in China, 26 can be found in Yunnan.
travel guizhou of china

Guizhou Travel

Rich in ethnic traditions and cultures, Guizhou is worthy of its fame as a rare ethnic museum.
Shangri-la tour

Shangri-La Travel

The extravagances of love and fear of the finality of death are the theme of Lost Horizon, a novel by the British author James Hilton.
minority festival tours

Minority Festivals

Most festivals of Chinese ethnic groups originate from prayer and entertainment ceremonies for the blessings of gods.
adventure china tours

China Adventures

The region of the three parallel rivers of the Yangtze, Mekong and Salween is ideal for adventurous exploration.
special china tours

China Specials

Southwest China is not only an ideal destination for adventuroustravellers and ethnic festival visitors.
chinese minority people

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