Yunnan New Year Festivals

Yunnan New Year Festivals
This tour takes you to Yunnan to see the natural beauty of the area such as Stone Forest, Lake Erhai, snow capped mountains, old wooden bridges… and the ethnic people live there and their colourful festivals.

New Year Celebrations of Tibetans in Shangri-La
Tibetans in Shangri-La have all different activities to celebrate the New Year from 1st to 10th of the First Lunar Month. From 1st to 9th, people have the different activities in their own villages, on the last day, all villagers will gather together at Dejilin Monastery in the middle of mountain, started to build in 1947 and finished in 1949, it’s a small monastery unknown to the outside but a very popular monastery for locals.
On the 10th of the 1st Lunar Month, local Tibetans will gather together in Dejilin Monastery to burn incenses, pray for the good luck for the coming year, give some donations to the monastery, lamas are chanting in the monastery and giving blessing to the people. Local also have some dances on the ground near the monastery to amuse themselves and amuse the god. The activities starts in the morning and last for the day.

Ancestor Worship Festival in Zhoucheng
Ancestor Worship is a topical religious festival of Bai people in Dali, every village has a protect god, or a few villages share one, the god of the village can be a real person, animal or a hero from history, it can be male or female, some important for the village. Every village has a time to celebrate and worship the god each year.
Zhoucheng is the biggest Bai village in the area and keeps the tradition better then any other villages in the area. The festival for Zhoucheng lasts for four day and they have the most traditional way to celebrate the festival.

Midu Huadeng( Flower Lantern) Festival
The history of the festival goes back to Ming Dynasty 300 years ago, when Chinese soldiers moved here and settled down, they had some ways to practice defense and attack, but no more battles after years, so this practice developed into different of dances to amuse themselves and kept them healthy. More and more people got intereristed in the dances, and it became a festival for the whole area. Each year on the 15th & 16th of the 1st Lunar Month, people from all area gather together to display their skills to amuse themselves and other people.
Each village has a dancing team and have their own unique style of dance to show to people, everyday over 30 teams will gather on the square to show themselves off and also dance on the streets of the village, thousands of people come to join…


Day 1, Arrival in Shangri-La
Arrival in Shangri-La, transfer to Hotel, just easy time to rest or walk around to get used to the altitude 3200m, meet up with the rest of the group for dinner.

Day 2, Visit Shangri-La
Day in Shangri-la to visit Songtzeling Monastery, a yellow hat sect Tibetan Buddhism monastery, built on a small hill look like Potala Palace in Lhasa, nick named Small Potala, there are more than 500 lamas practice there; visit Napa Lake and Tibetan villages around the Lake, visit the old town of Shangri-La and big pray wheel.

Day 3, Tibetan New Year Celebrations
Forty minutes drive to Dejilin Monastery to attend the last day of New Year celebrations of the Tibetans. We will see thousands of people come to the monastery from the area to pray, express the good wishes for the coming year, make donations to the monastery, monks chant and bless people. There are also some Tibetan dances outside the monastery. Two and half hours drive to Tiger Leaping Gorge in the later afternoon.

Day 4, Tiger Leaping Gorge and the First Bend of the Yangtze
Visit the Tiger Leaping Gorge with the drops of 3900m from Hill top the Yangtze. One and half hours drive along the Yangtze upward to visit the First Bend of the Yangtze where the Red Army crossed the Yangtze during the Long March. Visit Jianchuan old town to see some traditional houses of Bai people. Drive to Shaxi, a small village on the Tea and Horse Trail in the past.

Day 5, Shaxi Market and villages
Visit the Friday market in Shaxi, locals from the area come to the market to sell and buy the local products such as food, vegetables, rice and even pigs and cows, we will see the Yi and Bai people come to the market in their traditional clothes. Visit Shaxi village and walk in the countryside to see other villages nearby.

Day 6, Shibaoshan and Dali
Drive to Shadengqing and two hours hike uphill to Shizhong Temple to visit the thousand years old grottoes dates back to Tang and Song Dynasties, drive to viist Baoixia Temple with some easy walks in the area. Three hours drive to Dali with a visit to Erhai Lake to see the cormorant fishing.

Day 7, Ancestor Worship Festival
Forty minutes drive to Zhoucheng village to attend the Ancestor Worship Festival, the festival will start from the village temple, hundreds of people join the festival dress in the best outfit, dance, sing, play music in the village streets for a couple of hours, and at last thousands of people will gather at village square to enjoy the Peking Opera on the stay…

Day 8, Three Pagodas and Cangshan Mountain
Day for sightseeing. Visit Xizhou morning market selling vegetables and food, visit the traditional Bai houses in the village; visit thousand years old Three Pagodas and Congsheng Temples; cable car up to Cangshan at 2550m and some walks on the Clouds Road where you can have a bird’s eye view of the area.

Day 9, Mide Huadeng Festival
Two and half hours drive to Mizhi village and attend the Midu Huadeng Festival. Huadeng dancing teams will gather together at the village square, team by team, they dance on the village square and then on the streets of the villages, you will see the dances of dragons ,lions, monkeys, cranes and other animals as well. Drive back to Dali, overnight hotel and tour ends.

Feb.4th to 16th, 2017

US$ 1,850.00 Per person
US$ 290.00 Single Supplement

Group Size: 6 -8

The price includes:
All meals
Sightseeing Programs & entry fees
English Speaking Guides
Transfers and transportation by private vehicles

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