Nomadic Festival in Litang

Nomadic Festival in Litang
This trip takes you to the northwest of Yunnan and Eastern Tibet known as Kham to visit the Kindom of Naxi people and Tibetan highland with fantastic views and interesting people. Tibetan Litang Horse Festival with all kinds of activities will be the highlights of the trip.

Litang Horse Festival originally was a religious festival of the Litang Monastery. When it was first celebrated 300 years ago, Lamas of the Monastery travelled around the holy mountain in the morning and held horse races in the afternoon. The festival was stopped in 1950 for political reasons, and restarted in 1963. Since then the festival has been much extended. Now it lasts a week, though without much religious aspect. What we find now is spectacular horse races, Tibetan Operas, much singing and dancing, withal the best traditional clothes on display and horse market. Nomads from the area gather on Litang Grassland to build up their tents and take part in the festival. The festival attracts more and more people each year, with racing horses totaling over 2,000 and participating nomads totaling in tens of thousands.
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Day 1, Arrival in Shangri-La
Transfer to Hotel in the old town, meet up with the group for dinner.

Day 2, Shangri-La
Day in Shangri-La to visit the old town, walk up to Chicken Temple on a small hill, just a couple of monks here take care of the temple, not big but you can see local Tibetans come to temple to pray and worship, visit the daily market in the town, visit Napa Lake and local Tibetan villages.

Day 3, Drive to Derong
Drive to Derong along the Yangtze River with visits to some remote villages along the way.

Day 4, Drive to Batang
Drive to Batang with visits to remote Tibetan villages and monastery, and drive over 4000m mountain pass and travel along the Yangtze on the Tibetan border with visit to nomads along the way.

Day 5, Visit Batang Monastery and Drive to Litang
Visit Batang Monastery in the morning, drive to Litang via 4500m mountain and visit the nomads on the Litang Grassland.

Day 6 & 7 Nomadic Festival
Attend the Nomadic Festival on Litang Grassland. In later Oct. & early Nov., nomads on the grassland will get to gather together on the grassland, set up the tents, invite the Lamas from Litang Monastery to hold some religious ceremony on the grassland, to cerebrate the good harvest of the year, at the same, the nomads can meet up together with friends and enjoy the time there.

Days 8 , Drive to Tagong
Drive to Tagong via Yajiang and Xinduqiao via grassland, mountain passes and river gorge, you can see the high mountain Minya Konka in the Eastern Tibet on the way. Photograph the Yala snow mountain on Tagong Grassland at the sunset.

Day 9, Visit Tagong and Drive to Luding
Visit hundreds year old Tagong Monastery and walk along the Monastery as locals do, drive on the grasslands and up to the Zheduo Mountain at 4,520m, and we will stop here to walk up to the hill top where you can see the mountains hidden in the clouds. Down the hill through the valley to Kangding Carry on to Luding where the Red Army crossed the Luding Bridge during the Long March.

Day 10, Drive to Chengdu
Drive to Chengdu the hill through the Erlan Mountain tunnels, and down to Ya’an. Carry on to Chengdu on the express way. Chengdu is the capital of Sichuan. It is a modern city but still has some old streets, tea houses and temples in the town. Chengdu is very famous for its food such as the hot-pot and hundreds of local snacks.

Day 11, Day 11, Visit Wenshu Temple & Pandas
Visit Wenshu(Manjusri) Temple, and it’s one of the well protected Buddhist temples in Chengdu, which was built in 1697. It’s very popular among the locals and you can still see a lot of local people who come here every day to pray and worship. Most people who come to the temple are not really Buddhists. They just come for different reasons like praying for health, good luck, property and anything you can think about. Visit an old street with tea houses and local handicrafts shops and give you some ideas of how the old Chengdu looks like. In the afternoon, we will visit the Panda Research Center, here you can not only see the giant Pandas but also learn something about them through the Panda Museum and introductions. Overnight hotel and tour ends.

Departure:Oct.18th to 28th, 2016

Price: US$ 1,750.00 Per person
US$ 320.00 Single Supplement

Group Size: 6 - 8

The price includes:
All meals
Sightseeing Programs & entry fees
English Speaking Guides
Transfers and transportation by private vehicles

You may prefer a different date and time frame for this tour, or wish to adjust the itinerary to suit your interests. We will do all we can to meet your preferences. Please note that tours of less than six persons may cost more per person, and other expenses may increase as a result of customization of your tour. In all cases, however, we are committed to providing the best value for your experience.

Shangri-La Horse Festival falls on the 5th of the 5th Chinese Lunar Month which is on Jun.16th 2010, and it lasts for three day, during this trip we stay in Shangri-La for three nights instead of two. We will attend the Festival on Jun.16th & 17th and visit the area.