Three Parallel Rivers and Drung People

Three Parallel Rivers and Drung People
During this tour, you will the three big rivers: Yangtze, Mekong and Salween, at the same time, you can also visit the colourful ethic people live in the area such Naxi, Tibetan, Yi, Lisu, Nu and Dai.


Day 1, Arrive in Lijiang
Arrive in Lijiang and transfer to hotel, Lijiang is the home of the matriarchal Naxi culture, which is protected as a UNESCO Cultural Heritage Site. Lijiang was at the end of the Tibetan tea caravan route that gave rise to the Naxi women’s strong commercial bent as successful shopkeepers and traders.  

Day 2, Lijiang
In and around Lijiang; walk from the old town, follow up the river to Black Dragon Pool where the water of the old town comes from. You can have a good view of the Jade Dragon Mountain when the weather is fine, and watch the Dongba priests demonstrate writing their ancient pictographic language. Drive out to Yuhu village to visit the old home of the botanist Dr Joseph Rock and the village. Visit Baisha village.

Day 3, Lijiang – Tiger Leaping Gorge
Drive to Shangri-La, with a visit to the Tiger Leaping Gorge with the drops of 3900m from hill top to the Yangtze River. The whole gorge is 19km long with three very narrow parts, only 30m between the banks. It’s said someone saw a tiger jumped over the River and so called Tiger Leaping Gorge, visit Yi village on the way and carry on to Shangri-La.

Day 4, Drive to Tacheng
Drive to Tacheng along the Yangtze River with visit to the First Bend of the Yangtze and Naxi villages along the way.

Day 5, Visit Golden Hair Monkey
Day in Tachneg to visit the Nature Reserve to see the Yunnan Golden Hair Monkeys, and visit the local villages in the area.

Day 6, Tacheng – Weixi - Biaocun
Say good bye to Yangtze River and heading to Mekong River via Weixi and Lisu villages along the way. Drive south along the Mekong River, enjoy the landscape of the Mekong with mountains, terraces, villages on the both sides of the valley with stops to visit Naxi and Lisu villages, people here live in the traditional houses built with wooden walls and tile roofs. Drive further south along the Mekong and carry onto Biaocun, Biaocun is a small town of Bai people.

Day 7, Biaocun – Liuku - Fugong
Drive south along the Mekong for a while and turn to the west direction. Drive over a mountain, heading for the Salween River to the Salween gorge at Liuku and then drive north along the Salween to Fugong, visiting Laohutiao where you can walk through the huge rocks in the Salween and feel the water of the Salween. We will enjoy the dramatic landscape of the gorges along the way with visits to villages as carrying on.

Day 8, Fogong – Gongshan – Bingzhongluo
Drive north along the Salween to see the changes of the Salween Gorge and visit villages, hopefully you will see the locals cross the Salween by a rope, that’s the way people crossing the Salween for hundreds of years and still do the same today. The further we drive the better of the landscape we see, we can walk cross a bridge and visit a Lisu village with wooden houses. Visit the First Bend of the Salween before arriving Bingzhongluo.

Day 9, Binghzhongluo
Today we take our time to the villages and the churches around Bingzhongluo. The villages here are nicely located near the Salween on a slope with terraces and high mountains around them. It’s only 30km to Tibet, before the road to Tibet was built, many Tibetans would come to the market here to shop with their horses. Today, Tibetans still come but use trucks instead of horses. We also drive a few kilometres further into the Gorge to visit Shimeng Guang, and walk up to visit a village of Nu people living in the wooden houses.

Day 10,Bingzhongluo – Drung Valley
Drive over Mt. Gaoligongshan to Dulong Valley via virgin forest as the road is just open in 2014, we aim to visit Dolong People here, there are only five thousand people of this tribe live here, there were separated from other people in China for a long time because of the limited road in the past, they could only get out of the area on foot during the summer time.

Day 11, Visit Drung People
Visit Drung people, a few Drung women still have tattoos on the faces. The Drung people had tattoos made on their faces just to prevent then from caught by Tibetans from north to be the salves, but now, things changed and no one does it anymore, only about 30 tattooed women left. Come to see them now before they disappear.

Day 12, Drive to Liuku
Drive over Mt. Gaoligong back to Gongshan and drive along the Salween again back to Liuku with stops along the way.

Day 13, Liuku – Baoshan - Kunming
Drive south along the Salween. As it’s hot and humid in the gorge here, Dai people who live here use big banyan trees to surround the villages, Tropical plants are grown here such as papaya, pineapple, banana and coffee. The famous Yunnan Coffee is grown in this area near the Salween. See goodbye to the Salween and drive to Baoshan. Afternoon flight to Kunming, overnight hotel and tour ends.

Seasonality: April, May, September, October & November.

May 21st to Jun.3rd, 2016

US$ 1860.00 Per person
US$ 340.00 Single Supplement

Group Size: 6 - 12

The price includes:
All meals
Sightseeing Programs & entry fees
English Speaking Guides
Transfers and transportation by private vehicles

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