Flowers of the Northwest Yunnan

Flowers of the Northwest Yunnan
Yunnan is the Kingdom of plants and flowers, everywhere you go you will see different plants and flowers, for a couple of hundreds years, flowers hunters from western countries come here over and over again just want to see the new plants. If you have the interests in flowers, these are the right places for you.

Day 1, Arrival in Dali
Your guide will meet you at airport and transfer to hotel in the ancient city of Dali, houses here are still built in the traditional style, Dali enjoys the good weather all year round.

Day 2, Visit Cangshan Mountain
One-day trip in Dali to visit the Cangshan Mountain. We will drive up the hill with some stops to see the flowers of the area. The Cangshan Mountain, also known as Diancangshan, is named after its verdant forests. The Cangshan Mountain is a chain of the Yunlin Mountain of the Hengduan Mountains. Starting at Eryuan in the north and ending at Xiaguan in the south, it measures 42km in length and 25km in width. Overlooking the Erhai Lake in the east, the Cangshan Mountain is of great splendors and the scenery is unique. The Cangshan Mountain comprises 19 peaks, the highest of which is Malong Peak at an elevation of 4122m above the sea level. It is snow-capped all for half a year with moraine lakes on the summit. There are 18 brooks running down the 19 peaks. The snow-melted water between every two peaks rushes down and converges into the Erhai Lake. Cangshan Mountain boasts of a rich vegetation of numerous rate flowers, trees, and other plants. It is called a national alpine botanical garden. You can find many alpine flowers , of which azaleas are the most famous in the Cangshan Mountain.

Day 3, Drive to Mt. Laojunshan
Four hours drive to Laojunshan and visit this area. It is a very scenic, and the landscape here is very beautiful. It has virtually been untouched by any urban development. This place covers an area of 2,340 square km and is approximately 93km west of Lijiang City. This mountain has become a well-known spot in Yunnan for many species of plants like peony, rhododendron and begonia.

Day 4, Drive to Tiger Leaping Gorge
In the morning, spend more time in the mountain, and then drive to visit the Tiger Leaping with the drops of the 3900m from the top of the mountain to the Yangtze River. Overnight in the middle of the Gorge.

Day 5, Drive to Shangri-la
Drive to Shangri-La with a visit to Baishuitai Terraces and carry on to Shangri-La via some mountain passes at 4000m. We will make some stops to see different kinds of Azaleas and many other flowers on the way.

Day 6, Drive and trek to Baima Nature ReserveFour hours drive to the Baima Mountain Pass, and then five hours trek to Baima Nature Reserve to start with our flower journey here. O/n Tents

Day 7, 8 & 9, Baima Nature Reserve O/n Tents 4000m
We spend three days here to walk up the different mountains nearby and see the flowers of the area. Between the Yangtze River and the Mekong River is the Baima Snow Mountain, with perennial snow-capped peaks. An area of 180,000 hectares around it is designated as the nature reserve, with a perfectly preserved primeval forest vertical landscape and valuable animals and plants. The Yunnan Snub - nosed Monkey, the first class protected animal in China, lives in this area. many species of plants like peony, rhododendron, and begonia that are wild ancestors of our garden plants. The Azalea Forest at Baima Mountain is regarded as one of The Top Ten Most Beautiful Forests in China ranked by China National Geography Magazine.

Day10, Trek back to the pass and drive to Shangri-La
Five hours trek back to the pass to meet the bus and then drive back to Shangri-La, overnight hotel and tour ends

Seasonality: May & June

May 20 to 29th,

US$ 1620.00  Per person
US$ 360.00   Single Supplement

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All meals
Camping tents
Sightseeing Programs & entry fees
English Speaking Guides
Transfers and transportation by private vehicles

Group Size: 6 - 8

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