Colours of Yuangyang Terraces

Colours of Yuangyang Terraces
This tour takes you to the southern part of Yunnan to visit the Stone Forest, Future Buddha Image, Coulourful Rice Terraces of Hani people and hundred year old houses in Jianshui. Meet with people of Sani, Yi and Hani.

Day 1, Arrival in Kunming.
Kunming, also known as the Spring City, is the capital of Yunnan province, with mild weather throughout the year. It is nice to walk around the birds and flowers market in the old part of the downtown of Kunming. 100ms away from the market is the commercial center of Kunming, which is full of the modern buildings. Here you can see the different faces of Kunming.

Day 2, City tour and drive to Dongchuan
City tour in Kunming to visit Green Lake Park and Yuntong Temple to get the impression of the life of people in Kunming. Drive to Dongchuan Red Land and Luoxiagou to see the sunset of the Red Land.

Day 3, Explore the Red Land
Get up early to see the sunrise of the Red Land at Jingxiongyuan, visit the different sights of the area at different time of the day.

Day 4, Western Hills and Stone Forest
Morning visit to visit the sunrise of the Red land again. Drive to visit the Stone Forest in the late afternoon after most tourists left, and walk to the outskirt of the Stone Forest.

Day 5, Drive to Yuangyang
Drive to Mile to visit the Biggest Image of the future Buddha in the temple on a hill. In this area, you can see a lot of grapes which are grown, and it is here that produce famous wine Yunnan Red Dry. And then drive to Yuanyang via Kaiyun and Gejiu, with visits to the villages on the way. We will drive through the area of Yi people in the mountain and Dai people in the valley where they grow banana and tropical fruits.

Day 6, Visit Yuangyang Terraces
Today we have a full day to visit the terraces belonging to the Hani and Yi people. These rice terraces - carved out of the mountainsides by generations of Hani people - are said to be amongst the most magnificent in the world. We get up early to see the sunrise over the terraces at Duoyi village and then visit the Hani and Yi people living there, during the day we will visit the different spots of the Terraces. In the late afternoon we drive to Tiger’s Mouth to see the the sunset of the Terraces.

Day 7, Drive to Jianshui and visit Swallow Cave
We drive to visit Swallow Cave which is the largest karst formation cave in Asia. There are usually thousands of swallows flying around in the cave so named Swallow Cave. We will follow a guide in the cave to see the beautiful of the cave and also to see the bare hand rock climbing performance in the cave. Take a boat ride out of the cave to finish the visit. Drive to Jianshui and visit the old part of Jianshui , with its traditional architecture and market.

Day 8, Visit Jiangshui
Visit Tunshan village with hundreds-year-old houses built by the family of Zhang. In the village, we will see the different standards of houses built by rich and poor families, and also the family temple which plays an important role for the education family history and Chinese culture. A man should always remember his ancestors and study Chinese Culture. Visit an arch bridge on the way back. Visit famous Confucius Temple in town. Confucius was born in Shandong province 2,500 years ago and taught more than 3,000 students in his lifetime, among them 72 were outstanding. He is the greatest teacher in China since then.

Day 9, Visit Tonghai, drive to Kunming
Drive to Tonghai for an easy walk to Xiushan Mountain to visit the old Taoist temples with nice gardens, all the temples here were well protected during the Culture Revolution with traditional gardens and furniture. Tonghai is very famous for vegetable planting, we will see all kinds of vegetables during the drive in the area. Drive back to Kunming via Yuxi. Overnight hotel and tour ends.

Seasonality: All year round

Dec.21st to
29th, 2016

US$ 13,50.00  Per person
US$ 210.00   Single Supplement

Group size: 06 - 8

The price includes:
All meals
Sightseeing Programs & entry fees
English Speaking Guides
Transfers and transportation by private vehicles

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