Paradise for Photographers, Botanists and Ornithologists

Southwest China is not only an ideal destination for adventurous travellers and ethnic festival visitors. It is also a paradise for photographers, botanists and ornithologists. Whatever you are interested in, be it photography, botany or ornithology, you can always find a tour with us especially designed to satisfy your desire.


First of all, breathtaking landscape, fascinating ethnic culture and traditional festivities are often bound together in this region so that photographers always have more to see and photograph than they ever expect. Our guides, who have photographed the region many times themselves, know exactly where to take you. Just as shown in this brochure, every tour can be tailor-made to suit your photographical needs.


Secondly, vertical distribution of climatic conditions makes it possible for numerous floral species to grow luxuriantly in the region. Located in the subtropical zone with altitudes ranging from 74 meters to 6,740 meters above sea level, Yunnan is widely acclaimed as a “Kingdom of Plants”. Home to diverse plant communities ranging from tropical rainforest plants to alpine plants, the region is no doubt a most resourceful research site for botanists.


And last but not least, vegetal diversity and climatic verticality in the region provides an ideal inhabitation environment for a great many fauna species. Whoever you are, a birder, a bird-watcher, an ornithologist or simply a bird-lover, you cannot afford to miss the region!