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We at Edward Adventures are very proud to have celebrated our twenty year anniversary last year and wish to thank our many clients from all over the world for our great success. Here we present feedback our guests have been kind enough to share with us over the years. We hope you will join us for a tour of your own very soon!
Client Name: Irene Minkov
Nationality: USA
Itinerary: Yunan overview private tour
Our trip was wonderful. Now we forget all the inconveniences and remember the beauty of the country and kindness of people. Our best regards to Teddy and Mr. Xi. They were the best part of our vacation. One can not wish for better, more attentive, and kind guide. He made changes to the rout on a spot effortlessly and never complaint. We were never scared traveling because Mr. Xi was always in control and make the road seems like a brand new highway.Thank you so much for my birthday cake. It made my birthday really special. If we ever take a trip to Yunan we will definitely contact you.
Client Name: Lyyn
Nationality: Malaysian/ Australian/American
Itinerary: 10 days Kunming, Dali, Lijiang, Shangri-la
This trip was made between Oct 30 to Nov 8, 2011 (yes I am 4 months late in

providing this review ... apologies!). All good things must be shared, right !!

Stumbled onto Edward Adventures from recommendations by travelers on Trip

Advisor. We had a fabulous time discovering Yunnan under expert guidance of

Teddy Xu. We also had a comfortable vehicle with an experienced driver Mr Ling.

Communicating via email with Edward was easy and we worked with Edward to tailor

a trip that is cultural (due to the various minority groups in Yunnan), scenic and

experiential. To that, thumbs UP we experienced it all. Just to mention a few :=

- travelling the road less travelled to enjoy the mountains, meandering yangtze &

the scenery.

- that allowed us to stay up on the mountains at Tina Guest House (quite an

experience in itself)

- visits to the 搈ain minority villages

- a visit to a Tibetan home and family in Shangri-la. We enjoyed home made yak tea

mixed with 揵ean powder. Thanks to Teddy as this was a nice finale to our 10 days

trip. Meeting up with the family and experiencing their hospitality and their home

was a real treat.

Teddy also ensured that we ate well. We were keen on local cuisines and Teddy will

ensure that we enjoyed the freshest food. As he would personally check out the

kitchen and see what is freshest for the day! Our meals was always a delight.

All in All, we had such a great time. Lots of Photos and Lots of Memories.

All the feedback that were provided by their other clients is True. Knowledgeable

and Fun Guide, Reliable Vehicle and Driver, Punctual, Flexible etc etc as we shared

the same experience.

We have NO HESITATION in recommending Edward Adventures and they are just an

email away.

Client Name: Joanne
Nationality: Canadian
Itinerary: Colors of Yunnan
Edward is an exceptional guide; professional, punctual, strong follow through, knowledgeable, trustworthy and always available to exceed expectations. I have traveled the world extensively, hiring private guides in each country. From all the trips I have taken, there are two guides that are customer service driven and exceptionally above all others - Edward is one of those guides!

The tour in the eastern portion of Yunnan, Red Lands and Yuangyang areas, surpassed our expectations. I tend to research extensively and the trip out did the tour guide book? descriptions. Yunnan is a very diverse, picturesque province - a new?ow?with each bend of the road.

Edward took care of every detail and even booked our tickets to Liajing. The only thing we had to do was show up at the airport.

Loved the all inclusive tour which Edward provided. It was nice to just focus on the scenery and sites, not thinking about piece meal payments for meals or hotels. Edward provided water! He even shared his scrumptious rose petal paste filled pasteries which we could not get enough of. His knowledge is extensive and there was not one question that he could not answer.

We left Edward? 10 day tour feeling excited, well taken care of and 100% satisfied. I would have no hesitation in recommending Edward.
Client Name: Annika
Nationality: Finnish
Itinerary: Birding Yunnan, 9-22 April 2011
We were picked up by Teddy (our guide) and Mr Xi (our driver) at Mangshi, continuing to Ruili, Yinjiang, Nabang, Tengchong, Baihualin and Dali to be dropped off at Kunming.

On arrival, I was happy to note that our group of 5 had a bus which had plenty of room for all our stuff. We stayed at hotels which were good and suitable at all locations. Teddy was able to order excellent food everywhere also catering for my special need of 抧o chili. Despite the difficult situation in Nabang where the electricity was off and hotels not available by reservation, Teddy was able to arrange everything to our full satisfaction. As we were starting early every morning Teddy arranged for packed breakfasts and snacks.

Despite visiting new sites also Mr Xi and Teddy were well able to take us where we wanted without loss of time. They were also happy to change the itinerary when we asked for it. Even when asked to stop in difficult places and drive on bad roads, Mr Xi raised no problems. We were very please with how flexible both Teddy and Mr Xi also were about waiting for us and taking care of our every request. Teddy was also happy to enlighten about anything we wanted to know more about.

Having used many local agents for the arrangements on site in many countries, I know the above points can certainly not be taken for granted.

On this trip I was really happy with all the arrangements and have no hesitation in recommending Edward Adventures to other birding groups.

Client Name: Joan and Pat
Nationality: USA
Itinerary: Lijiang>Litang>Chengdu>Beijing
Edward helped the two of us plan a two week trip to fascinating places and people in China. Edward took us on a cultural and scenic adventure. The scenery was wonderful. The people were so very hospitable, and the food great. We never felt that we were on a typical touristy tour but rather that we were with an old friend learning all about his country and having a trip of a lifetime. We stil keep in contact with Edward and cherish our new friendship.
Client Name: Gudrun
Nationality: German
Itinerary: Chengdu beside Yangzte to Machen
Our trip 4 Persons (24.9. - 16.10.2010) was very well and very interesting. Teddy and Mr. Xi have fulfilled every wish. They are both very pleasant traveling companion. Many thanks and

greetings from Germany

Client Name: Judith
Nationality: American
Itinerary: Kunming to Chengdu
We just returned from the most memorable part (10 days) of an almost month long trip through China. Working with Edward to arrange the customized trip for the two of us we were able to plan a trip that really reflected our interests. He always responded very promptly as we tweaked the itinerary over several months time until it reflected exactly our interests for the Yunnan area. He was also flexible when our itinerary had to change due to flooding and road closures.

Our guide was Teddy, and he was great! He was knowledgeable, warm, personable and fun. I often felt like I was traveling with an old friend. Teddy was very responsive to our needs, and went out of his way to seek out villages, sights or people. He understood that we wanted authentic experiences - to be travelers rather than tourists, and often we were the only westerners around.

Teddy helped to pick out only the freshest food, and to take into account our preferences. Consequently we had some of our best meals during this 10 days, and in spite of the challenging sanitary conditions we were able to stay healthy.

If returning to this area, I would not hesitate to contact Edward Adventures again.
Client Name: Ian Noakes
Nationality: Australian
Itinerary: 3 weeks from Lijiang to Chengdu
We did a 3 week tour from Lijiang to Chengdu ( 3 of us ) with Edward as our guide and driver. It was a most memorable experience with Edward抯 intimate knowledge of the best scenery , the best cultural experience and local customs and events. Wherever we went we got an insight into the local way of life and tried all the local food specialities. We also did some trekking and were taken to some really special places such as Thousand Tortoise Mountain, Tiger Leaping Gorge and Yading Nature Reserve.

The scenery is really spectacular and for us fortunately also were the wildflowers.

We have previously toured in Western China and had a fantastic time but Edward Adventures provided us with a far superior experience from start to finish.
Client Name: Amy
Nationality: America
Itinerary: Customized tour of Yunnan province for 16 days
Our customized tour of Yunnan province for 16 days far exceeded our expectations. It was a fascinating journey through some of the most spectacular scenery I have ever seen. There is a lot of unique geography and interesting ethnic groups throughout the region. We travelled thru many areas of relatively remote mountains and river gorges. Really off the beaten track! But even on somewhat treacherous roads, we were comfortable and felt secure.

One reason we chose Edward Adventures was because they were able to provide us with one guide and driver that would be responsible for us the whole trip. The high level of service and consistency of this approach was really exceptional and very tailored to our preferences. We felt like a family friend was showing us around his home territory. The meals were really something special! Our guide knew all the local specialties in each place we visited and we tried them all. It seemed he handpicked our food for us and made sure of the best quality everywhere we went. Our hotels were very comfortable.

The most impressive thing about our tour was probably the way our guide seemed to always know where to go to get away from the crowds, to see the most amazing scenery and interesting sites in a very personalized way. And the many Chinese people he introduced to us everywhere were so friendly and warm. We didn’t even feel much like tourists travelling with him! It was really a fabulous trip that we will always remember!

Warm regards,