Tour Name
Departure Date
Festivals in Spring
11 days6-12 personsDetails
Highlight:This tour takes you to Yunnan to see the natural beauty of the area such as Stone Forest, Lake Erhai, snow capped mountains, old wooden bridges and the ethnic people live there and their colourful festivals.
Beyond the Clouds
09 days6-12 personsDetails
Highlight:In the remote far south west of China lies Yunnan province. Scenically one of the most dramatic areas of Asia with vast snow-capped mountains and steep terraced valleys, it is also culturally one of the most diverse. The ethnic groups such the Naxi, Bai and Yi made their home here, and our fascinating journey will totally absorb aspects of this special area.
Litang Horse Festival
16 days6-12 personsDetails
Highlight:This trip takes you to the northwest of Yunnan and Eastern Tibet known as Kham to visit the Kindom of Naxi people and Tibetan highland with fantastic views and interesting people. Tibetan Litang Horse Festival with all kinds of activities will be the highlights of the trip.
Along the Yangtze
16 days6-12 personsDetails
Highlight:During this tour, you will visit Lake Erhai and Mt. Cangshan in Dali where Bai people live, visit the thousand year old grottoes in Shibaoshan, travel around Mt. Jade Dragon. Meet up with the people of Bai, Naxi, Yi and Mosou. The trek along the Yangtze river from Tiger Leaping Gorge to Lake Lugu will bring you closer to the people and nature.
Northwest Yunnan & Kham
17 days6-12 personsDetails
Highlight:This tour takes you to the Eastern Tibet, or otherwise known as Kham, to feel the nomadic life of Tibetans, enjoy the beautiful landscape of snow mountains and grasslands, and discover the Tibetan monasteries.
Colourful Festivals of the Miao People
13 days6-12 personsDetails
Highlight:This tour takes you to the southeast part of Guizhou and onto Guilin in Guangxi. You can visit different ethnic groups such as the Gejia, Miao, Dong, Yao and Zhuang, seeing the different landscape along the way and attending the different festivals of the Miao on each departure.